Welcome to JC Portable Site Accommodation Ltd website.

We specialise in pre-owned, seller refurbished portable accommodation units from a small containers to modular building complexes for offices, canteens, toilets, shower blocks and other types of single and modular buildings. We are very flexible with our constructions. We can produce any sort of unit for your purpose. With over 10 years of experience in construction and selling portable site accommodation units, we deliver and install all our products. Our business model is to provide the high quality tailor-made accommodation units in competitive prices. We can modify any unit depending of customer's needs. What our competitors find difficult, we are more happy to tackle with. We are experts and we believe the real value is everywhere. We are just one of the sparse ones who can spot the opportunity and bring the improved value to the customer. We can compete with any local company by building, improving and delivering the ideal units whilst providing value for money to suit any budget. We have already sold over 5000 units to our satisfied customers.

We are located in Chichester in Springfield Lorry Park.

Please take a look on our offer.

We can make any changes required to our cabins:

  • extra door
  • extra window
  • colour of paint
  • choice of floor
  • partitions
  • kitchen units
  • toilets
  • showers
  • new roof

We accept the most of credit and debit cards: